Mass Customization: Concepts-Tools-Realization

Blecker, Thorsten; Friedrich, Gerhard

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ISBN-13:   9783936771466

This proceedings book presents recent advances in mass customization research. It consists of the papers accepted for presentation at the International Mass Customization Meeting 2005 (IMCM`05) which is organized in cooperation between the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany and the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. The papers are selected according to a rigorous, two-stage procedure based on a double-blind review in order to guarantee a high quality of scientific research.

Well-known researchers from academia as well as experts from practice present their original and innovative work on mass customization. They provide a multitude of papers with qualitative and quantitative approaches, in which solutions, tools, concepts, and successful realizations of mass customization are discussed. The main focus of the IMCM`05 is "making Mass Customization work" with a spotlight on operations, logistics, supply chain an Information Technology.

By reading this book, researchers, practitioners, and students will learn about state-of-the-art, new developments and future trends in mass customization. Our hope is that the current volume not only drives forward the research but also the implementation of the cutting edge of mass customization.

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