Architectural Translucency

Stantchev, Vladimir
Reihe: Enterprise Architecture, Band 8

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ISBN-13:   9783940019479

Web services are emerging as a dominating technology for providing and combining functionality in distributed systems. A serviceoriented architecture (SOA) offers native capabilities to deliver and use these services, such as publication, discovery, selection and binding. The concept of composite and business services is introduced on top of them. It governs the way applications are developed from basic services. There are two basic aspects or a successful service offering: to provide the needed functionality and to provide the needed Quality of Service (QoS).
Architectural translucency evaluates QoS aspects of SOA using an internal view. Contrary to typical architecture concepts that define components and connections between them, this book deals with the system levels involved in delivering of services, particularly the operating system and the middleware.
Dynamic reconfiguration at these levels offers an opportunity to impact the system properties in the most advantageous way.

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